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Sitemap Covering Plans

Windows VPS : Offers including cost facilities locations of our servers. If you need to host your website to windows environment then this is for you. Get the best windows vps at affordavle cost

Linux VPS : Linux server is more popular and affordable. When you need HTML PHP mysql then linux shoud be your choice. For begineers also Linux VPS is very good.

Hybrid VPS : When you need both Windows and Linux environment then a Hybrid VPS can help you the best. Check our hybrid VPS to match best with your need within budget.

Managed VPS : We know how tough it is to manage a VPS when you are begineer. We are happy to say that all our plans are managed. Just knock us by ticket and get it done.

Fully Managed VPS : Our VPS are managed means they are fully managed. Avoid hidden cost of managin server when you are in trouble. Our support team is very ready to assist you any time you need it.

cPanel VPS : WHM cPanel is most popular to manage your websites and various functions. Just click and do it. Some tough functions are done with just some clicks via cPanel. Get up to date cPanel for your VPS.

Plesk VPS : Parallels Inc developed commercial software package to help you manage your website remotely. If you are expert in Plesk then this will give you sum plus point to manage your sites.

UK VPS hosting : We have datacenter in UK to help those who need a VPS in United Kingdom area. UK VPS is suitable for Europe and Africa though our servers are highly capable and faster all over the world.