About HostaVPS

The philosophy behind HostaVPS is simple: Provide amazing enterprise level service and vps hosting backed by a powerful support team at an affordable price. Finding the right VPS host can be difficult as you never know what you are going to get. We believe if you give us one shot that's all we need to gain you as a lasting customer. Stop searching, and start hosting with HostaVPS, the right VPS Host!!

A Little About us...

HostaVPS was established in 2009 when there was a huge surge and high demand for Virtual Private Servers from the vps hosting industry.. We built the company with the highest standards as realistically possible, hiring only the most competent staff available sparing no expense. With strict SLA's in place we feel we provide some of the best service in the market.

At the end of the day it's our clients that matter, without them we would not be in business! For that reason we go up and beyond for each client to ensure they're happy as we want to make ever client a lasting client. HostAVPS was built on more than just amazing service though. Being a green company VPS host means a lot to us, it means giving back to our planet and community. Just by signing up with us you are doing that, all while you host a VPS!

Dedicated Support Team

One of our main focuses is the service provided to our customers. That's why we fully manage each and every one of our clients host VPS. Our team is built of professionals that know the ins and outs of servers and the VPS nodes we service. If there is an issue, you can expect them to know the answer to it.

It's to this degree of support we provide that has given us the ability to stand behind our name and say we offer some of the best support for hosting VPS.

Our Guarantees - Service:

HostaVPS was built on guarantees and SLA's to ensure we provide our clients with the most outstanding service possible. From our 1 hour response time guarantee to 99.9% uptime guarantee we can ensure that you will always be pleased with our services. We feel if you don't setup expectations and regulations there is no room other than for failure. Every Service Level Agreement was built around our clients, our ultimate goal is to provide amazing enterprise level service backed by a powerful support team at an affordable price! Find a VPS Host that does all that!