How do I connect to my windows xp vps from my home/office windows xp computer?

Log into your home pc as usual. Once your windows xp system has loaded proceed with the following instructions :-

Windows XP: Goto Start Menu, Select Run and type            mstsc.exe          to access remote desktop)

  • Move the mouse to bottom left hand screen (Windows Start Menu), press left button.
  • Move your mouse and select Run (press left button).
  • Type in the Run box that appears mstsc.exe and then click left mouse on OK button.


For Microsoft Vista then you can:-

Windows Vista: Open Remote Desktop Connection by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking All Programs, clicking Accessories, and then clicking Remote Desktop Connection.  You can also open Remote Desktop Connection by typing "mstsc" in the Search box on the Start menu.


This will now load up your remote desktop client which is built into windows.  A box appears and it says Computer:

Type your vps IP in then press Connect. (this can be found in your welcome email and by logging into your vps control panel)

This will ask for your Username and password

Username: admin 
Password:   password

(these are just examples, your exact username and password and IP can be found in your Welcome Email with vps details)

This will then connect to your Windows VPS via remote desktop and enable you to use your VPS in the same manor as you would if it were your home windows pc.

If you are still having trouble after the instructions above then we suggest you take a look at the microsoft web site on remote desktop which can be found here :-

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