Jul 16th New Locations Added!

We now have two official locations. You can choose between Los Angeles, CA (west coast) or Scranton, PA (east coast). Our full range of services are in both locations such as Linux VPS's, Windows VPS's, and Hybrid VPS's. We hope by offering two diverse locations it will give customers more control, allowing them to host their VPS closer to them or ... Читать далее »

Jul 16th We are on Twitter!

We are on Twitter now so make sure you follow us @hostavps so you can get our sporadic promotions and coupons.

Jun 2nd Adding More Locations!

In the next two weeks you will start to notice some changes on our ordering form. We are planning to open service in the new location of Scranton, Pennsylvania which is on the East Coast of the United States. Currently everyone is hosted on the West Coast so this is going to open a door for people who are having slow latency and ping times to ... Читать далее »

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